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Preserving the History of Reardan

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Reardan in 2003 marked the century mark for local citizens. Mule Days reached 100 in 2004. It makes you realize that maybe some of what we are so proud of should be preserved.

Unfortunately only bits and pieces were written down over the years and precious few photos were saved.

The Reardan Area Chamber of Commerce has three ongoing projects that give us a chance to learn more about the past and preserve what we do have.

When touring the sights and sounds of Mule Days you will see some signs on 10 different buildings. Those signs are the beginning of a project to create a Historical Walking Tour Of Reardan.

Ten of the oldest buildings in Reardan where chosen to be highlighted by writing their history and mounting a sign stating those facts on the face of each building. Each year additional buildings plan to be added to the tour. The first ten buildings include the Catholic Church, Colville’s Chevron, Community Hall, Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Methodist Church, Fire Station, Library/City Hall, Schaurman’s Meat Market (R-Store), Stevenson Building and the Mattes Building (Traders).

A special brochure is now available at area businesses for you to find and read the history of each building.

Chamber members completed a 35-minute historical video of Reardan. Available on both CD and video tape, the entire history of the area from its beginning through the first few months of 2005 is included. A collection of over 200 vintage and current photographs, slides, videos and CD’s were gathered by members of the community to produce one video history. Narration and music accompany photos.

Funded by the Reardan Historical Society and the Chamber, you may purchase either a VCR tape or CD from theReardan Area Chamber of Commerce, or stop by US Bank during the week.


  Historic memorabilia

The 1958-59 Washington History class at Reardan High School commpiled a general view of the early history of Reardan as a class project uner the leadership of Gregory R. tains some facinating history and lots of photos most people have never seen.

         Reardan History Book

This book will be available at Mule Days this year in the Headquarters Booth, Chamber booth or at US Bank.

If you would like to order either a DVD or the book by mail you may do so by sending $19.95 each plus $2.50 each for shipping & handling to the Reardan Area Chamber of Commerce, PO Box 534, Reardan, WA 99029.